U.S.A. Social games

States and Capitals Practice – Penguin Hop is a fun, competitive way to practice states and their capitals.  Players navigate their penguins back to its home by jumping on the “iceberg state” that matches the given capital.  The first player home — WINS!!


Countries and Capitals – Country Toad provides practice in learning countries and their capital cities. The target word appears under the toad, with the countries in the form of lily pads that float to the toad.

Pictographs in the Past Activity – Students drag pictographs in order to tell a story about the past. The activity points out the early use of pictures in caves to record history.

Geography Smartboard Game – Students will get three clues from a postcard. They will then type in the two letter state abbreviation. Practice geography skills as well as state abbreviations.

Compass Directions – Students will learn the coordinates of the compass and how to use this in this informative activity.

Map Skills Activity -Students learn to read map symbols and develop map reading skills in this game. Information is presented followed by interactive quizzes.

U.S. Facts and the World Smartboard Lesson – GeoNet is an interactive game that lets students first select to learn about the United States or the World. Students are then prompted to select a category such as the physical characteristic, the population, the environment, and more!

Timeline Maker – Create a timeline to show the relationship between events.  Appropriate for social studies as well as other disciplines.

Place the State – Students help Ben Franklin complete the U.S. map to put in Poor Richard’s Almanac.  State information is displayed as students drag the state outline to its correct location.

National Geographic Maps – Students can explore this interactive map on many different levels.  Select from Physical System, Human System, Environment and Society.

Social Studies – Who Is That? – Students name the U.S. Presidents based on a portrait and clues.  As the player progresses through the level of difficulty they get a portrait with fewer clues.

Social Studies – State Capitals – Students are prompted to click on the state having the capital as shown.  Correct answers get reinforcement as well as information about the state.

Social Studies – States – Students click on any state on an interactive U. S. map.  Following the click, the name of the state is shown along with information about the state.

Social Studies – Order Around Me on the Smartboard – Order Around Me asks players to put items in order related to geography.  Three levels of play provide practice for all ages.

Social Studies Word Search – Students search for words pertaining to the social studies topic selected.  Six different topics are provided to give practice on various social studies concepts.



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