Plants, Animals, Ecosystems

Food chain movie (KidsBiology)
Food chain information and quiz/National Geographic
Great Habitat match up 
Decomposer and scavenger quiz 
Habitat quiz 
Ocean and estuary quiz 
Wildlife Web 1 quiz 
Wildlife Web 2 quiz 
Food chains
Ecosystems – quiz and information/National Geographic
Ecosystems and biomes quiz 
Biomes (KidsBiology)
Animal DataBase (KidsBiology)
Nature Works –Producers, consumers, decomposers, ecosystems, animal information
Decomposers — Worsley School 
Flow of energy through plants 
Worsley School Biology 
World Biomes 
Dirt Made My Lunch (song)
The Dirt on Soil 
Exploring Ecosystems (Harcourt)
Biomes of the World 
Photos of plants and animals (CalPhoto) 
Watershed Project 
How does acid rain affect the ecosystem? 
Cool Science for Curious Kids 
Interdependence and adaptation

      Weathering and Erosion 
     Igneous Rocks
     Sedimentary Rocks
     Metamorphic Rocks 
     Rock distribution
     Who am I? rock game 
Windows to the Universe -Earth 

Exploring Earth: Explore the World of Earth Science – An online textbook from McDougal Littell

Minerology for Kids
Rock Cycle
Is it igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic?
Minerals in your house 
Rocks and mineral review 
Dig into geology 
Rock and mineral hangman 
Rocks and Images 
How sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks are formed

Identifying minerals

How to identify minerals
Rocks and Minerals Slide Show 
Mineral museum 
Mineral identification table and hardness scale (state)
Mineral identification table and hardness scale (CABAP)
Moh’s Drill and Castle of Doom (see link upper left)
Rock Database (see link upper left)
Rock samples 

Minerals Matter
Rock Hound 
Rocks and Soil activity 
Mineral FAQs
The Rock Cycle 
Rock Cycle Experiments
Rock expert quiz
Rock mysteries 
Sedimentary, My Dear Watson 
Knowledge nuggets
Grow your own crystals
Flash a Smile

What on Earth is Soil? 
Soil Science Education

Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker (plate tectonics activity)
The Dynamic Earth
Discover Our Earth 
Moving continents
Plate tectonics 
Plate tectonic globe model – color, cut and paste 
Mountain information and quiz/National Geographic 

Earthquakes for Kids (USGS)
Latest earthquake information

Science Lab (Choose “Volcanoes”or “Earthquakes” )

Volcano quiz and information/National Geographic 
Volcanoes (more from National Geographic)
Volcano Frequently Asked Questions
Volcano World 
Mount St. Helens eruption photos 
Stratovolcano model – in color, cut and paste 
Build a model volcano

Forces that Shape the Bay
How does rain shape the earth?
Flooding changes communities in the West 
Erosion project (teachers’ guide) 
Get Eroded 
Ice cutter

Clue Maps (select “Physicial Features” maps) 
Color Landform Atlas of the United States 
Mineral mining in the U.S. 
Ask a geologist

Magic School Bus Pop Quiz (select “what on Earth”)

Geology of Mars

Silicon spies
Electricity and magnetism Millionaire Game
Using Electricity 
Circuit Builder
Compass game 
Changing circuits 
Circuits and conductors 
Magnets and Springs

How electricity works
About electricity
I want to find out more about electricity
How electromagnets work 
How electric motors work 
Electrified Ben
Theater of Electricity

Make an electromagnet (Science Bob) 
Frankenstein’s Lightning Laboratory
How can you make a flashlight brighter?
Hair raising experiment
What is Static Electricity?
Science toys you can make



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