Games and activities
Short circuit (prefixes, suffixes, roots) 
Prefix match
Prefix jig-words 
Prefix MatchWord
Prefix skills 
Rooting out Words 
-less or -ment Multiple meanings
More multiple meanings 

Synonym Toast 
Synonym challenge

Antonym matchup 
Antonym challenge
Antonym Word Play 
Antonym columns

Verb-definition match 
Word-definition match 
Rocket to the Moon (synonyms, antonyms and homonyms)
Context clues/Book Buddy


Vocabulary pinball

Rhyming dictionary
Word roots and prefixes

Fish ‘em up (word endings – doubling letter, changing y)
Plural Play 
Plural Girls
Singles and plurals
Irregular plurals jig-words 
Irregular plurals jig-words 2 
Irregular plurals MatchWords 
Irregular plurals MatchWords 2 
Gator’s Smash ‘Em 
Word unscramble (two levels)
Spell Check
Sandcastle quiz (vowel phonemes)
See and Spell 
Snap it (long vowels)
Drag and Spell (Long vowel)
Harcout Brace Spelling 
Spelling Match
Word Lab 
Word Confusion (homophones)
Grilled Cheese Please 
Heart idioms quiz
More from IdiomConnection
Change idioms to plain English 
Paint by idioms
Animal idioms 
Animal idioms – more 
Animal phrases 
Bird idioms 
Fish, insect and reptile idioms 
Body part idioms
Body idioms – more 
Eye, ear and nose idioms 
Head, mind and mouth idioms
Heart idioms 
Color idioms 
Color idioms – more 
Sports idioms
Education idioms 
Interesting idioms
In step with idiomsSimiles, metaphors, personification
Similes with as…
Writing detective – personal narrative
Writing detective – personal narrative II (inc. personification)
Animal Similes 
Name that literary element 

Fact vs. opinion
Statement (fact) vs. opinion 
Fact vs.opinion (Skillswise) 
Fact or Opinion?Test Tutor 
Fact or opinion

Cause and effect 
Cause and effect explained 
Cause and effect match 
Practice with cause and effect 
Practice cause and effect 
Using cause and effect transitions
Comprehension Part 1
Reading Comprehension (reading for facts)
Nussbaum Reading Comprehension 
Summarize/paraphrase/Test Tutor 
Main Ideas and Details/Test Tutor 
Drawing Conclusions/Test Tutor
Predicting Outcomes/Book Buddy 
Cow Context Clues 
Comprehension from Innovations 
Same or different? (Comprehension)  Game 2  3 4
TV411 reading comprehension 
Scanning Quiz
Skimming Quiz
Genres of Literature game

Comprehension Part 2 
Series of Unfortunate Events Quizzes
Harry Potter books 1 and 2 quiz 
Harry Potter book 3 quiz 
Harry Potter book 4 quiz 
Harry Potter book 5 quiz 
Destination Impossible (Following directions)
Who killed Angela Spelling? 

Using reference sources 
Reference resources
Locating information/Book Buddy
Computer resources
Computer quiz 
Scholastic’s How to Research 
Research reportWriting

Narrative elements
Writing process 
Narrative writing 
Expository writing
Persuasive writing 
Using verbs in poetry
TV411 Writing 
Writing Detective 
Comparing and contrasting 
Basic Literary Terms 
Literary Terms
Writing Terms
Literaracy term crossword 
Write your own fairytale (select “activity”)
Fairytale Puzzle
Wacky Tales 
Wacky Web Tales

ConjuctionsSentence combining express 
Conjunctions; compound sentences 
Coordinating conjunctions

Preposition State Fair
Preposition Desert 
Prepositions – type the correct word (easy) 
Prepositions – type the correct word (medium) 
Prepositions – Harcourt
Prepositional phrases – Houghton Mifflin
Choose the preposition practice 
Preposition game
Identify the preposition 

Adverbs and adjectives 
On the Trail of Adjectives and Adverbs
Adjective and Adverb Trail 
Choose the correct adverb 
Adverb/adjective – choose the right word
Adverb/adjective – another choose the right word

Fractions and mixed numbers on number lines
Identify fractions on a number line 
Identify mixed numbers on a number line
Fractions on a number line- drag and drop
Fraction Workshop (decimals, number lines etc.)
Fraction race 
Identify mixed numbers on number line 
Mixed number to fraction with number line
Fraction equivalents (higher terms) on a number line
Compare fractions  (Solution shows number lines)Overview and parts of a set
Numbernut (see fractions section) 
Fraction pie (illustrates fractions and decimals; for part of a set select “set model”)
Fractotron (more or less than half?)
Fraction — parts of a whole demo
Coolmath (explanation and “try some” at bottom)
e-lab parts of a set
Fraction of a Number matching (part of a set)
Comparing and ordering fractions – Skillswise
Fractions (Choose “fraction practice” for part of a set)
Hidden picture (part of a set)
Fractions (range of activities)
Fraction information and practice (Variety of activities)
Who wants pizza? (Variety of activities)
Nussbaum fractions and decimals (wide range)

What fraction is this?
Fraction Match 
Pizza Party
Fraction naming 
Identify fractions with circles 
Melvin’s Make a Match
13 ways of looking at one half

Make the fraction
Fraction visualizing 

Mixed numbers
Identify mixed numbers with circles 
Identify mixed numbers on number line 
Mixed number to fraction with number line

Equivalent fractions
Fraction equivalent drag and drop 
E-lab fractions
Fraction eaters 
Fraction Frenzy (Shockwave required)
Equivalent fraction match
Fresh Baked Fractions 
Fraction Man 
Equivalent fractions (illustrated with rectange)

Comparing fractions
E-lab fractions
Compare fractions  (Solution shows number lines)
Compare fractions (Solution shows circles)
Comparing fractions with like denominators 
Comparing fractions with different denominators


Cookies for Grampy (make from fraction pieces)
Old Egyptian MathCats Fractions (adding/pictures)

Decimals on number lines
Whiteboard tool 
Decimal number line 
Decimals and number lines 
Adding tenthsDecimal values
About decimals 
Naming values with tenths 
Naming values with hundredths
Decimal demo
e-lab modeling hundredths 
Write the decimal – tenths 
Write the decimal – tenths (greater than 1) 
Write the decimal- hundredths
Write the decimal – hundredths (greater than 1) 
Equivalent decimals (tenths to hundredths)
Math Matching (tenths to hundredths)

Fraction-decimal equivalents
Fraction (and decimal) bars
“Fractions and decimals” on e-manipulatives
Fraction pie (demonstraton)
Salon snap 
Math Matching
Fraction decimal conversion 
Relating fractions to decimals 
Relating decimals to fractions
Mission Magnetite (Fraction, decimal, percentage match, Flash required)
Number eaters (choose “fractions” )

Order and compare
Drag to order
Decimal Switch (ordering)
Builder Dan (put decimals numbers in order)
Putting decimals in order 
Comparing decimals

Draggable Decimals (various levels)

   Adding and subtracting decimals
Decimal games (includes addition with 2 decimal places)
Addition of decimal tenths 
Addition of decimals to tenths – mad minute
Subtraction of decimal tenths
Addition of decimals to hundredths – mad minute
Decimal addition (various levels)
Decimal subtraction (various levels)
Decimals and more 
Power football 
Cash Out (give change, wide range of skill levels)


Adverbs and adjectives (information and activity)
Adverbs (information and activity)
Adverbs – Harcourt
Canoe comparisions 
Adjectives and adverbs – Harcourt
More about adjectives and adverbs – Harcourt
Adverbs and prepositions
Choose the correct word (adverb or adjective)
Rats! (adverbs)
Adverb Battleship 
Using Comparative and Superlative Adverbs 
Choose the correct word (for, since, ago)

Regular and irregular verbs
Regular or Irregular verb?  
Irregular verbs 1
Irregular verbs 2
Irregular verbs 3
Irregular verbs 4

Irregular verb hangman 
Choose the correct verb form

Tenses Treasure Hunt (verbs)
Quiz Show – Verb forms
Quia irregular verb game
Past Tense of Irregular Verbs
MatchWords   SpeedWords 
MatchWords   SpeedWords 
MatchWords   SpeedWords 
MatchWords   SpeedWords 
MatchWords   SpeedWords
  6 WatchWords   SpeedWords 
MatchWords   SpeedWords

Grammar Gorillas
Grammar Activity 1 
Grammar Activity 2 
Grammar Ninja
Nouns, verbs and adjectives (Nussbaum)

Reference shelf
Rhyming dictionaryLibraries and book recommendations
Contra Costa Library System
Richmond LIbrary
California Reading List

Genres defined/Stories online
Fantasy, fairy tale, legend, fable and myth 
Genre definitions/recommended literature (state of California)
Types of Literature/FactMonster
Myths from FactMonster 
What is a fairy tale?
What is a myth? 
Figures and legends from American folklore 
Myths from Around the World
Absolutely Whootie stories online
Earthquake myths 
Aesop’s Fables (scroll down for list)
Aesop’s Fables (University of Virginia)
Fables, Fairytales, Stories and Nursery Rhymes 
Links page
Grimm’s Fairy Tales  
Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales and Stories

Fairy Tales from (see icons at right)
Rosemary Lake’s New Fairy Tales (look for “Complete stories to read online”)
John Henry
Paul Bunyan
Beatrix Potter

Fingering diagram
Fingering diagram b 
Air Typer
Big Brown Bear 
Dance Mat Typing
Touch Typing
Mr. Kent’s Typing Tutor
Exercises in Typing 
Type Me 
Typer Shark 
Nimble Fingers 
Peter’s Online Typing Course 
FreeTypingGame.netPrinting and cursive
Handwriting for Kids 
D’nealian cursive 
Make your own handwriting pages

Writers’ tools
Graphic organizers
More graphic organizers 
Evaluation Station (revising and editing guide)
Scholastic’s How to Research

Figurative language 
Similes and metaphors – eMints 

   Grammar and punctuation information 
Scholastic grammar guide
Grammar glossary 
Word roots and prefixes
Greek and Latin roots 
Latin and Greek word elements/FactMonster

Grammar Bytes: Interactive Grammar Review 
Coordinating conjunctions
Prepositional phrases 


Testing information
California test information, including 4th grade writing 
Released fourth-grade language arts test questions

Crossword puzzle maker 
Printable worksheets, various topics 
Handwriting worksheets 
High frequency spelling words

Place value
Place value e-lab 
Place value demo
Number systems
Place Value (About)
Place Value Playoff 
Place Value Pirates
MathCats Really Big Numbers
Decimal and whole number jeopardy
Place value, (About)
Place Value Puzzler 
Cookie Dough 
Place value information and practice
Expanded form to standard form
Place value to standard form 
Identify the place value 
Identify all the place values 
Number Machine
Place Value GameRounding and estimating
Rounding Off
Place Value Puzzler (Choose “Round Number”)
Rounding flashcards
Half-court rounding 
Rounding master
Glowla’s Estimation Contraction 
BasketMath Rounding 
Numbernut (see rounding & estimating section)


Ordering and comparing
Comparing numbers using a number line
The Number Line 
Ordering numbers e-lab
One False Move (order numbers)
Comparing through millions 
Ordering 7-digit numbers 
Awards Ceremony 
Number linesNegative numbers
Line Jumper (number line)
CyberChase (negative numbers)
Number lines (select -5 to 5)
Integer Tilt 
Integer Tilt 2
Algebra, word problems, reasoning   Algebra

Number balance
Equation (demo)
Keeping it true (equalities)
Late Delivery  (includes decimals)
Alginon’s Algebra 
Solve an equation- aaamath
Evaluate the expression (solve for x)
Build the equation 
Algebra flashcards
More equations from aaamath
Stop that Creature (Find the rule)
Operation Order 
Function machine 
Solving equations – BBC 
Number pan balance (equals + equals are equal) 
Order of operations D (includes parenthesis) 
Order of operations E 
Order of operations (single problem at a time)
Alien Functions
Alien Spreadsheet
Order of Operations game
Order of operations (:means divide)
Order of operations B (:means divide)
Order of operations C
Algebra planet blaster 


Misc./problem solving
TIMSS quiz (mixed review, choose 4th, math)
Find a friend (mixed review)
Guess the Number (reasoning)
Number cracker (number patterns, reasoning)
Number pattern test
Find a pattern
Sleuths on the Loose (benchmarks, problem solving)
Problem solving   Another  One more
Button Beach Challenge

   Word problems
Disaster Math – Earthquakes 
Problem solving test 
Math Cat story problems
Grand slam math 
Guess the Number 2
Math Playground (Math Hoops, Katie and Arlo…, Amazing Adventures of Astro)
Brain Teasers 
More Brain Teasers
Math Olympics
Do the Math – Level 3 
Do the Math – Level 4 
BasketMath Distance 
BasketMath Word Problems 
BasketMath Reasoning
Multiplication test
Fact monster quiz
Lemonade Larry 
Farm Stand 
I Know That word problems_____________________________________Vocabulary
Math Lingo (Select unit, upper right)
Math terminology 
Fraction terminology
Parallel and perpendicular
Pairs of linesCircles
Radius and diameter of a circle

Angles and shapes
Using a protractor
Matho angles and shapes
Geometric solids tool 
Dr. Gee’s 3D lab 
triangle and quadrilateral sort 
Types of triangles information 
Type of angle information
Angle game (identify acute, right, obtuse)
Comets (estimating angle)
Eyeballing Game 

Draw a line of symmetry 

Symmetry information 
Mirror Tool 

Congruent figures
Congruent figures

Geometry – Misc.
Geometry flashcards
Geometry Hidden Picture
Geometry information and practice
Geometric terms
Interactive geometry


   Coordinate grid
Simple coordinates game 
Function machine (similar to x,y table)
Using a coordinate grid 
Simple Maze Game 
Grid Blaster Game 
Graph Mole and Line Gem
Get to the Point (song)
Coordinate Game 
What’s the point? (coordinates)
Find Hurkle (coordinates)
Billy Bug
Planet Hop (coordinates, Shockwave)
Robot Studio 
Dino Dig 
General coordinates game (includes negatives)
Maze game (includes negatives)Area and perimeter
E-lab area 
Area demo
Area and perimeter 
Shape surveyor (area and perimeter)
Perimeter Explorer
Area Explorer
Shape explorer 
Area of a rectangle 
Perimeter of a rectangle
Perimeter and area booster
Statistics (graphs, etc.)
Median, mode mean buildings
Landmark Shark (median,mode,range)
Create a graph
Mode, median, mean 
Mode (scroll down for activity)
Mean, Median, Mode, Range (Quia)
Interpreting data 
Bar graphs (About)
Reading charts and graphs (About)
Histogram Tool
Histogram Tool 2 
Data Place 
Line Graph Game 
Exploring double bar graphs
Train Race (median, range)
Data Picking (tallying, matching graph)
Creating a Line Graph (Scroll down toward bottom of screen)See “outlier” on Math Dictionary
Fish Tank (requires Shockwave)
Outcome tally 
Introduction to probability
Theoretical probability
Possible outcomes 
Complement of an event 
What does percent chance mean? (About)
 ApostrophesExploring for possessives
Possessive noun desert (possessive or plural)
Treasure Trove (contractions)
Fly By Contractions 
Type in the contraction
Treasure Trove
Contraction practice (forms of to be)

Capitalization and punctuation
Capitalization quiz B
Capitalization quiz (paragraphs)
Capitalization (ESL site)
Capitalizaton -MG
Practice capitalization

About quotation marks 

Title Ride 
Titles and Quotation Marks
Title Hockey

Misc. Punctuation
Penguin Park Punctuation
Comma dive (inc. appositives)

Sentence structure
Simple and compound sentences 
Is this sentence correct? 
Which is a complete sentence? 
Sentence or fragment 
Sentence or fragment 2 
Complete the sentence
Complete the sentence II
Complete the sentence III 
Complete the sentence IIII 
Put in order 
Complete the story 
Complete the story II 
Same or different?  Game 2  3 4

Power Proofreading (Shockwave) (misc.)
Edit Dan’s Copy (capitals, quotation marks, etc.)
Extreme Sentence Surgeon

Grammar Bytes: Interactive Grammar Review 
Coordinating conjunctions 
Prepositional phrases 

Houghton Mifflin Test Prep Practice

Harcourt Brace math glossary 
Math Dictionary for Kids
Math models  
Learning Math – Annenberg 

Base 10 blocks  
Problem solving model 

Fact Monster math resources

How to use Google search window as a calculator

Harcourt Brace (need password here – one of authors’ last names, such as Johnson)
Harcourt Brace/ español – Contraseña Johnson)

Houghton Mifflin test-taking tips 
Times table practice and information
Worksheet generator, printable and on-line- variety of topics 
Printable worksheets, misc. topics
ABC teach printable worksheets (Various topics)
Printable nets for polyhedrons 
Math facts drill sheets 
Expression Maze (equations)
Arrow roads (print out, fuctions)
Double arrow roads (print out, functions)
Pattern puzzle worksheet 
Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study 
Math TV 




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