Scientific Method
Scientific terms -Quia
Scientific method

Earth Science


NASA Earth Science Enterprise 
Windows to the Universe -Earth 
Exploring Earth: Explore the World of Earth Science – An online textbook from McDougal Littell
View the Universe/Earth by Powers of 10
Faces of the Earth 
Magic School Bus Pop Quiz (select “What on Earth?”)

   Earth’s formation, composition, plate tectonics 
Label the Earth, 250 million years ago (please do not download startup screen!)
A Tapestry of Time and Terrain (U.S)
Planet 10 (explore the solar system and design a planet)
Maggie’s Earth Adventures (choose “Layers of the Earth” or “atmosphere layers”)
Earth’s anatomy 
Plate Movements 
Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker (plate tectonics activity)
The Dynamic Earth
Discover Our Earth 
Moving Earth
Savage Earth
Plate tectonics 
Plate Tectonics Quiz 
Plate Tectonics term quiz
Plate tectonics Who wants to be a millionaire? 
Plate tectonic globe model – color, cut and paste
Mountain information and quiz/National Geographic 
Geologic Time
Fossils, Rocks and TIme

Rocks, minerals and soil 
The Rock Cycle 
Rock Cycle Experiments
Rock and mineral hangman 
What on Earth is Soil? 
Soil Science Education
Minerology for Kids
Rock Cycle
Is it igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic?
Minerals in your house 
Sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks 
Rocks and Images 
Identifying minerals
How to identify minerals
Who am I? Rock Game
Moh’s Drill and Castle of Doom (see link upper left)
Rock Database (see link upper left)
Rocks and Minerals Slide Show 
Mineral gallery
Mineral museum 
Mineral identification table and hardness scale (state)
Mineral identification table and hardness scale (CABAP)
Minerals By Name 
Rock samples 

Minerals Matter
Rock Hound 
Rocks and Soil activity 
Rock Doctor
Mineral FAQs
How diamonds work

Grow your own crystals (
What is a crystal, recipes and tips (  
Rock Candy 
Growing sugar crystals ( 
Salt Crystal

More crystal growing ( 
Flash a Smile

   Misc. Geology experiments

Exploratorium’s Faultlines 
How earthquakes work 
Earthquake/National Geographic
Understanding Earthquakes 
Latest earthquake information
Earthquakes for Kids (USGS)
UC Berkeley Earthquake Simulator Laboratory 
Parkfield (CA) experiment

How tsunamis work 
Life of a tsunami
Waves of destruction 
Tsunami FAQs

How volcanoes work
Volcano Lab 
Science Lab (Choose “Volcanoes” or “Earthquakes” )
Volcano quiz and information/National Geographic 
Volcanoes (more from National Geographic)
Volcano Frequently Asked Questions
Volcano World 
Photo glossary of volcano terms
Mount St. Helens eruption photos 
Stratovolcano model – in color, cut and paste


Dive and Discover:Expeditions to the Sea Floor
Rivers and Coasts
How does rain shape the earth?
Weathering, Erosion and Deposition 
Erosion – Wikopedia
Weathering – Wikopedia
Weathering vs. Erosion 
Erosion project (teachers’ guide) 
Flooding changes communities in the West 
Get Eroded -Magic School Bus
Weathering and erosion experiment 
Ice cutter

Maps and images
NGCS Coastal Relief Maps 
Earth Science World Image Bank 
Earth science pictures
Color Landform Atlas of the United States 
Clue Maps (select “Physicial Features” maps) 
Origami globe (.pdf)
Virtual field trips (from Geology Link)

   Misc. resources
Forces that Shape the Bay
Earth Revealed (video series)
Earth Revealed study guide 
Essential Science for Teachers: Earth and Space
Mineral mining in the U.S. 
Ask a geologist 
Internet4Classrooms Earth Science links 
Earth Science World 
Cupcake core sampling

Energy Works 
The Solar Source of the Earth’s Energy 
Energy from the Sun 
Energy Kid’s Page

Ecosystems -USGS 
Exploring Ecosystems (Harcourt) 
Plant Force 
Ecosystems and biomes quiz



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