Basic operations
Practice your math (all operations, select range)
Multiplication machine 
Division machine
Math magician (single digit)
Times table grid game
Basic facts on Harcourt Brace site 
The table trees (multiplication- select digit)
Line Jumper (+ – , can include negative)
Division bingo
Speed Math
Tackle Math Ball (mixed operations in 1 game)
Nussbaum basic operations (various)
Defeat the Math Monster (multiple levels)
How to do long division
Draggable Addition 
Draggable Subtraction
Draggable Multiplication
Draggable Division

Negative numbers
About positive and negative numbers
Negative number review 
Negative number ordering 
Line Jumper (number line)
CyberChase (negative numbers)
Reading a thermometer 
Color chip addition of negative and positive numbers 
Operations with negative numbers 
Adding and subtracting with negative numbers 
Comparing negative numbers
Practice your math (NEED TO choose negative numbers for “What is the smallest…” slots.)
Mystery picture (challenging!)

Ordering and comparing
Comparing numbers using a number line
The Number Line 
One False Move (order numbers)
Skillswise Greater than, Less than or Equal 
Skillswise Order Numbers 
Ordering 7-digit numbers 
Comparing numbers (various levels)
Comparing Like Fractions 
Comparing Unlike Fractions I 
Comparing Unlike Fractions II 
Comparing Fractions and Decimals 
Comparing Integers and Fractions

Least Common Multiple, Greatest Common Divisor

Greatest common factor flashcards (Nussbaum) 
Greatest common factor, timed (Nussbaum) 
Greatest Common Factor/Divisor
Greatest Common Factor B
Least common multiple, flashcards (Nussbaum) 
Least common multiple, timed (Nussbaum) 
Least Common Multiple 
Least Common Multiple B
Grid Game (factors, primes, etc.)

Algebra equations 
Communative, associative, distributive properties(about)
Order of operations acronym
Order of Operations game
Order of operations (:means divide)
Order of operations B (:means divide)
Order of operations C
Order of operations D (includes parenthesis)
Order of operations E
Order of operations (single problem at a time)
Order of operations – more 
Algebra flashcards
Solve an equation/2 variables (About)
Solving equations – BBC
Equation (demo)
The Golden Rule of Algebra
Commutative property
Number pan balance (equals + equals are equal)
Equation Match
Keeping it true (equalities)
Late Delivery  (includes decimals)
Evaluate the expression (solve for x)
Variables and expressions 

Build the equation 
Write an equation
Use a formula
More equations from aaamath
Alien Functions
Alien Spreadsheet
Chain letter
Mystery picture (challenging!)
Money and more

Problem solving
Making decisions about money (About)
Mortgage vocabulary (About)
Pricing a job (About)
Disaster Math – Earthquakes
Button Beach Challenge

Meaning of percent 
Percent of what? 
” Percentages” on Math Dictionary for Kids
Percent P.I.
Penguin waiter 
KS3 percents 
Finding the percent of a number (About)
Determining percentage (About)
Percent (About)
Using percents (About)
What is a percent? (About) (multi-level) 
Mutliple percents (About
Is paying over time a smart move?
Discounts (About)
Simple interest (About)
Tips (About)
Estimating tips (About)

Equivalent fractions/decimals/percents
Exploring Fractions: Equivalent 8ths 
Exploring Fractions: Equivalent 10ths
Exploring Fractions: Equivalent 12ths 
Mission Magnetite (Fraction, decimal, percentage match, Flash required)
Converting a decimal to a percent (About)
Converting a percent to a fraction (About)
Decimal-fraction matching game (Math Playground)
Salon snap 
Math Matching (common fractions to decimals) 

Ratios and proportions
Solve proportions -show me 
All About ratios and proportions
KS3 Ratios and Proportions 
Match the equivalent ratios 
Ratios in action 
Ratio and proportion game/Skillswise  
Ratio and proportion quiz/Skillswise
Working with ratios (About)
Using ratios and proportions (About)
Ratios (
Find the ratio (About)
Ratio and proportion quiz (
Solving Proportions 
Similar figures – BBC 
Similar shapes – Learning Center
Similar figures – Regents Prep
Scale Drawings and Models

Nussbaum EZ fractions (wide range)
What are fractions? (About)
Fraction Workshop
KS3 Fractions– (variety, including adding)
Fractions – (misc., look for “play” after first clock for games)
Fractotron (more or less than half?)
Fraction equivalents
Fraction equivalent drag and drop 
Fractions – multiplication, addition, reducing/simplifying
Comparing fractions
Comparing and ordering fractions – Skillswise
Multiplying and simplifying fractions 
Fraction Workshop
” Fractions” on Math Dictionary for Kids
Fractions on a number line
Identify fractions on a number line 
Identify mixed numbers on a number line
Least Common Multiple 
Greatest Common Factor (same as greatest common divisor)
Simplify fractions on a number line
Fraction equivalents (higher terms) on a number line
Renaming fractions
Simplifying fractions
Adding fractions, like and unlike/Visual Fractions (About)
Adding and subtracting fractions (About)
Adding fractions with like denominators 
Adding fractions with unlike denominators 
Cookies for Grampy
Adding mixed numbers 
Subtracting fractions like and unlike/Visual Fractions(About)
Subtracting fractions with like denominators (About)
Subtracting fractions with unlike denominators (About)
Subtracting mixed numbers 
Multiplying fractions/Visual Fractions
Multiplying fractions (About)
Dividing fractions/Visual Fractions 
Dividing fractions by fractions (About)
Dividing fractions/ (About)
Decimal, fraction – wide range of activities fractions directory
Whaddaya Know? Quiz Game (choose “fraction word problems”)
Tony’s Pizza Shop 
Clara’s Ice Cream Shop
Fishy fractions (variety of activities)
Rulers and tape measures (About)

Converting measurements
Customary length
Metric length
Rulers and tape measures (About)
Match the Equivalent Customary Measures 
Match the Equivalent Metric Measures
Converting length metric to US (About)
Customary weight and capacity
Metric weight and capacity 
Changing metric measures 
Time measurement 
Animal Weigh In
Artie Ounces (ounces to pints etc.)
Matthew Metric’s Gum Parlor
Rainforest Math (see “length” for metrics only)

Rate it! 
TV 411 rates (About)
Distance, rate and time
Units and Rates (scroll down toward bottom of screen)

Area of a circle – show me 
A circle
Circumference of a circle (About)
Circumference of a circle – Math Goodies
Area of a circle (About)
Challenge exercises: Circumference and area of a circle
About complementary angles 
About supplementary angles
Working with angles (includes complementary and supplementary)
Complementary and supplementary angles 
Complementary and supplementary angles (3 questions)
Complementary and supplementary angle quiz 
Line and angle measurement quiz
Circle crossword 
Volume of a triangular prism (About)
Volume of a cylinder (About)
Volume of a rectangular prism (About)
Finding the third angle of a triangle (About)
Geometry definitions

Geometry Workshop (see challenge activities)
A quadrilateral
Angle Activities
Playing with perimeter 
Perimeter (Skillswise)
Polygons and perimeter (About) (includes adding angles of polygons)
What’s My Angle?
Star Gazing (angle measurement)
Angle Game
Investigating Angles
Hitting the Target

Introduction to probability
Theoretical probability
Probability (visual)
Possible outcomes 
Independent events
Fish Tank (requires Shockwave)
Virtual spinner
Outcome tally 
Certain and impossible events
Complement of an event 
Probability quiz 
Probability quiz 2 
Modeling probability 
What does percent chance mean? (About)

Landmark Shark (median,mode,range)
Understanding mean, median and mode (About)
Mode, median, mean 
Mode (scroll down for activity)
Mean, Median, Mode, Range (Quia)
Weather Today (mode, median, mean)
Train Race (mean, median, range)
More mean, median, mode and range (Look for “play” for games)
Finding the mean, medium, mode and range (Scroll down to “Finding the Mean” )

Bar graphs and line graphs
Making predictions
Analyzing graphs
Circle graphs
Stem and Leaf 
Frequency tables
Box and whisker graphs
Bar graph (ambleweb) 
Bar graphs (About)
Bar graph vs. Histogram 
Reading charts and graphs (About)
Create a graph
Creating a Line Graph (Scroll down toward bottom of screen)



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