Vocabulary and spelling

Words from other languages 
Foreign Phrases Quiz 
Foreign Phrase matching game (to origin)
Non-English matching
Non-English matching 2 
Non-English matching 3 
Foreign Words and Phrases
Loan (foreign) words in English
English words from Spanish (list)
English words from French (list)
English words from Yiddish (list) 
English words from German (list) 
More . . . 
Words borrowed from Spanish (list)
Other languages (lists)

Words with multiple meanings 
Multiple meanings
More multiple meanings

Word Meaning 4 
Word Meaning  3 

Word Meaning 2 

Word Meaning 1 

Choose the right word

Dictionary entries 
Finding new ways to say something (thesaurus use)
Personal dictionary (synonyms, antonyms, context clues)
Synonym Toast 
Synonym matchup
Synonym challenge
Synonyn – basic
Synonym – hard

Prefixes say plenty 
Roots and their families 1 
Roots and their families 2

Short circuit (prefixes, suffixes, roots)
Latin and Greek roots and prefixes 
Greek and Latin root skills
Fish tank (prefix, base, suffix)
Prefixes say plenty 
Prefix match
Prefix skills
Prefix jig-words 
Prefix MatchWord
Crystal Castle (in- and im-)
Flamingo (-y and -ly)
im- prefix
Prefix quiz
Roots and their families 1 

Roots and their families 2
Rooting out Words
Root Word Quiz (contains British –ise instead of American –ize“)

Suffix quiz
-less or -ment 
Suffixes – -less, -ness, -ly, -ful 
Spelling word endings
Suffix crossword -er -or- ist 
Suffix crossword -ful, -ly, -tion, -sion

Call My Bluff

Spelling/word choice
Words commonly confused 
Word choice 
Word choice b
There, their, or they’re 
There, their or they’re 2
There, their or they’re 3
It’s, its, there, their or they’re 
To, too or two 
No, now, know 
Weather or whether 
Were, we’re, where
Your and you’re 
Who’s and whose 
Except, accept 
Homophone express 
Notorious confusables 
Commonly confused words 
Commonly confused words 2 
Commonly confused words 3 
Vocabulary quiz (homophones)
Fish ‘em up (word endings – doubling letter, changing y)
Spelling pretest 
Spelling Bee
100 Most Frequently Misspelled Words
Super spelling test 
Spelling quiz 1 
Spelling quiz 2
Plurals test 
Harcourt Brace spelling 
Spelling Wizard (input spelling list to study)

Figurative Language – Idioms
Heart idioms quiz
More from IdiomConnection
Change idioms to plain English 
Paint by idioms
Animal idioms 
Animal idioms – more 
Animal phrases 
Bird idioms 
Fish, insect and reptile idioms 
Body part idioms
Body idioms – more 
Eye, ear and nose idioms 
Head, mind and mouth idioms
Heart idioms 
Color idioms 
Color idioms – more 
Face idioms 
Sports idioms
Education idioms 
Interesting idioms
Idioms activity 
In step with idioms
Idiom list

Figurative language – Similes and metaphors
BrainPop Similes and Metaphors
Similes with as…
Simile Satelite
Writing detective – personal narrative
Writing detective – personal narrative II (inc. personification)
Animal Similes 
Using similes (scroll down for links)

Indefinite pronouns
Indefinite pronouns B 
Play ball with pronouns (indefinite and reflective)

Subject-verb agreement
Is or are 
Subject-verb agreement game (Skillswise- may include British spellings)
Subject-verb agreement quiz (Skillswise – may include British spellings)
Compound subjects and predicates 
Compound subject/verb agreement (and)
Compound subject/verb agreement (or)
Compound subject/verb agreement (mix of and, or)

Future perfect
Future perfect 2
Future perfect 3

Perfect verb match 
Perfect tense match

Present perfect – choose the correct word 
Present perfect – has or have? 
Present perfect mix and match 
Present perfect – build the sentence
Present perfect- been or gone?
Present perfect – since or for?
Present perfect – correct or not? 
Present perfect – build the sentence B
Present perfect – mix and match B

Past perfect – fill in the blank 
Past perfect – match 
Past perfect – rewrite 
Past perfect – complete the sentences

Literacy quiz 
Grammar glossary
Grammar Gorillas
Grammar Activity 1 
Grammar Activity 2 
Parts of speech 
Puzzling pathways (mixed)

Sentence structure
Sentence power (simple or compound) 
Complex sentence bandstand (complex, compound, clauses)
Simple or compound? 
About complex sentences 
Complex sentences
Complex sentence camp 
Compound-complex sentences 
Sentence Seal Pool (compound, complex, compound-complex)
Sentence Sort (compound, complex, simple)
Super sentence sort (complex, compound, run-on, comma splice)
Sentence sort (simple, compound, run-on, comma splice)
Sentence combining (compound sentence, conjunction,
Simple and compound sentences
Putting sentences together (compound and complex; may include Bristish spellings)
Spotlight on clauses
Identifying independent clauses

Combining sentences
Combining sentences b 
Sentence speedway (independent vs. dependent clauses)
Planting sentences (fragment, complete, run-on)
Sentence garden (simple, compound, incomplete)

Punctuation and capitalization
Cool off with commas and colons 
Commas in compound sentences
Using commas with coordinating conjunctions
Capitalizaton -MG
Capitalization quiz
Capitalization quiz (paragraphs)
Capitalization and punctuation
Practice capitalization 
Title Hockey 
Punctuation b 
Paintball Punctuation
Capitalization (ESL site)

Grammar and punctuation words crossword puzzle 
Edit Dan’s Copy (capitals, quotation marks, etc.)
Crazy commas 
Crazy commas 2
Commas make things clearer

Writing process 
Narrative writing 
Expository writing
Persuasive writing 
Persuasive writing tricks
Persuasion/letter to the editor – lesson
Persuasion/letter to the editor – practice
Persuasion in advertising – lesson 
Persuasion in advertising – practice 
Using verbs in poetry
TV411 Writing 
Author’s purpose and perspective/Book Buddy
Locating information/Book Buddy
Writing Detective
BrainPop Writing Process
Supporting details
Reference resources
Using reference sources 
Comparing and contrasting 
Research report
Writing Terms
Writing from Sentence Sense
Literaracy term crossword 
Computer resources
Computer quiz 
Scholastic’s How to Research 
Write your own fairytale (select “activity”)

Correct the mistakes
Common mistakes 
Necessary and unnecessary words 

Comprehension/literary response 
Simile,. metaphor and personification 
Plot events 
Name that literary element 
Imagery quiz 
Conflict quiz 
Simile and metaphor quiz 
Play or poem? (select “activity”) 
Reading plays 
Style and structure in poetry
Thinking about characters
Nussbaum Reading Comprehension
TV411 reading comprehension
Conclusions & Making Generalizations/Book Buddy 
Series of Unfortunate Events Quizzes
Harry Potter books 1 and 2 quiz 
Harry Potter book 3 quiz 
Harry Potter book 4 quiz 
Harry Potter book 5 quiz 
Cow Context Clues 
Comprehension from Innovations 
Same or different? (Comprehension)  Game 2  3 4
Destination Impossible (Following directions)
Who Killed Angela Spelling? 
Scanning Quiz
Skimming Quiz
Making inferences – lesson   
Making inferences -practice

Reference shelf
Rhyming dictionary

Libraries and book recommendations
Contra Costa Library System   Biblioteca
Just for Kids! 
Richmond LIbrary
California Reading List

Stories online
Poetry Archive
Genre definitions/recommended literature (state of California)
Types of Literature/FactMonster
Myths from FactMonster 
Figures and legends from American folklore 
Wendy’s World of Stories for Children (includes fables and fairy tales)
Myths from Around the World
Myths and Fables from Around the World 
Earthquake myths 
Aesop’s Fables (scroll down for list)
Aesop’s Fables (University of Virginia)
Grimm’s Fairy Tales 
Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales and Stories

Fairy Tales from childrenstory.com (see icons at right)
Rosemary Lake’s New Fairy Tales (look for “Complete stories to read online”)
Beatrix Potter online (Scroll down for Alice in Wonderland, Grimm’s fairy tales and more)

Author Spotlight 
Authors and Illustrators 
Robert Munsch  
Chris Van Allsburg  

Fingering diagram
Fingering diagram b 
Dance Mat Typing
Room 108 Typing tutor 
Touch Typing
Mr. Kent’s Typing Tutor
Exercises in Typing 
Type Me 
Typer Shark

Writers’ tools
Graphic organizers
More graphic organizers 
Evaluation Station (revising and editing guide)

Figurative language 
Similes and metaphors – eMints 

   Grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation information

Scholastic grammar guide
Grammar Glossary 
Greek and Latin roots 
Latin and Greek word elements/FactMonster
Word roots and prefixes
Grammar Bytes: Interactive Grammar Review

Crossword puzzle maker 
Printable worksheets, various topics 
Handwriting worksheets 
High frequency spelling words



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