U.S.A. Social games

States and Capitals – Capital Penguin provides practice in learning states and their capital cities. The target word appears under the penguin, with the states in the form of icebergs that float to the penguin.


Environment Smartboard Activity – Students learn to make decisions that help the environment. Fun, colorful, interactive game makes learning fun.

Jobs in Society Lesson – Students will learn about the jobs people do to earn a living on the Smartboard.  This matching game will keep students interested.

Cardinal Directions and the Compass – Students interactively learn and practice cardinal directions.

States of the United States Smartboard Activity – Students play a card game against the computer and learn about the states.

Practice State Identification – Nice interactive Smartboard state identification lesson useful for solo practice. Student will “think” of the name of the state then click on it for written and oral reinforcement.

Timeline Maker – Create a timeline to show the relationship between events.  Appropriate for social studies as well as other disciplines.

Place the State Outline – Students help Ben Franklin complete the U.S. map to put in Poor Richard’s Almanac.  State information is displayed as students drag the state outline to its correct location.

Ben’s Kite Game – Players will enjoy this fun Smartboard game as they try to help Ben Franklin keep his kite in the air.  This game would be a great way to introduce Ben Franklin and his historical experiment endeavors.



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