Pushes and pulls 
Forces and movement 
Forces in action 
Simple machines – Edhead 
Simple machines – Harcourt 
WOW simple machines 
Magnets and springs 
Sounds and hearing 
Science Lab (Choose “Sound”)
WOW sound

Plant Facts 
The Biology of Plants
Life cycles
Life cycle of plants 
Growing plants 
Helping plants grow well  
Parts of a Plant 
Creature Features (animal information)
WOW plants 

Dirt Made My Lunch (song)
The Dirt on Soil 
Rocks and Soil activity 
The Rock Cycle 
Rock Cycle Experiments
How sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks are formed

How to identify minerals
Mineral gallery
Rock samples 
Forces that Shape the Bay
Get Eroded 
Fossil games
Fossil match

Cool Science for Curious Kids 
Invention Playhouse
Science Fair Central 
The Ultimate Science Fair Resource



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