Physical or chemical change
Properties and changes fill in the blanks 
Reversible and irreversible changes 
States of matter
Mixtures lab
Common chemicals 
Melting and boiling 
Carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle 

Cool science for children -experiments
Did you know you were a scientist?

Essential Science for Teachers: Physical Science

How diamonds work

Period Table of Elements, in Pictures 
Interactive Periodic Table
The elements sung
Metals crossword puzzle 
40 element symbols 
Element Lab (Fun School)
Proton Don 
Element Flash Cards 
Element Math Game 
Element Hangman 
Element Concentration 
Element Matching Game

Animal structures
My Body
Movies (see “cardiovascular system,” “digestive system,” respiratory,” and “urinary.” see same in “activities.” )
Biology4Kids – Animal Structures 

Digestive System (KidsBiology) 
Excretory System (KidsBiology) 
Real deal on the digestive system
Digestive system
Digestive system printable diagram
Digestive system from Quia 
Digestion – Quia 2 
Digestion Battleship 
Super Veggies to the Rescue
Digestive system quiz
From beginning to end 
Digestive system quiz b

Circulatory System (KidsBiology)
The Heart Facts 
Circulatory system printable diagram 
Heart information and quiz 
Human Heart
Circulatory system
Circulation quiz 
Blood quiz 
Cardiovascular system quiz 
Name that valve

Magic School Bus Pop Quiz (select “human body”)

How your lungs work 
Respiratory system quiz 
Respiratory system printable diagram 
How Do Your Lungs Work? 
(making a model)

How your kidney works 

Body Quiz 

Choose My Plate 
Human body quiz 
Human body crossword

Plant structures
An introduction to photosynthesis 
Photosynthesis (Estrella) 
Biology4Kids – Plants
The Biology of Plants
Plant quiz
Life cycles
Life cycle of plants 
Growing plants 
Helping plants grow well  
Parts of a Plant
WOW plants 
Plant Force 
Grow Alien Plants


Kensington (CA) weather data
Lawrence Hall of Science view/weather 

Our Atmosphere
Weather Watch 
Weather and climate basics 
Web Weather for Kids 
Oceans and climate
How hurricanes work 
How tornadoes work 
Tornadoes (Worsley School) 
How floods work 
How avalanches work 
How lightning works 
Adventures of WeatherLizard 
Interactive Weather Maker 
Local weather
Weather Wiz Kids
EdHeads Weather 
The Weather Game
Make the earth’s weather
Weather Dog 
Weather match game 
WOW weather experiments 
Weather quiz 
Different weather quiz


Water cycle (Worsley School) 
Hydrologic cycle – NASA 
Changing state and the water cycle
Rivers and Coasts
Water Science for Schools (USGS)
Water Cycle
Water quiz 
Water cycle-put the sentences in order
Windows to the Universe – water

Solar system
Solar System tour
The Planets 
Welcome to the Planets – NASA images 
Views of the solar system 
Worsley School space 
The planets crossword puzzle 
Space Chase (Magic School Bus)
Magic School Bus Pop Quiz (select “Space”)
Quia space activities
Solar System riddle 
View the Universe by Powers of 10
Windows to the Universe 
Your Sky 
Animated Virtual Planetarium 
Amazing Space 
Earth, Sun and Moon
Astro Adventure (solar system)
Solar System information and quiz – National Geographic
Space Watch
Phases of the moon 
Earth and space quiz 
The Planets
Space vocabulary worksheet 
FactMonster Astronomy and Space Exploration
Space Quiz Game 
Earth and Space quiz 
NASA space flight 
Life In Space
Space Station 
Super Comet Crosses Earth’s Path 
The Eight Planets 
Chabot Space and Science Center 
Your weight on other planets


CABAP — California Building a Presence for Science
Fifth grade information
FOSS 3-6 modules 
Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study 
Bay Area Discovery Museum 
Lawrence Hall of Science 
Science glossary
Science toys you can make 
African-American Scientists
Wonders of Our World 
Let’s Talk Science

U.S. history – lesson summaries
California Vistas – Making a New Nation 
United States History: The Early Years 
America’s Story 

United States of America Chronology (WebChron) 
North America Chronology (WebChron)
The Library of Congress Presents: America’s Story

Interactive American History Timeline (Nussbaum)
Timelines in American history 
African-American history timeline 
 Find the Face game 
A Biography of America 
American Memory 
FactMonster almanac U.S. information   
FactMonster encyclopedia U.S. history 
FactMonster U.S. atlas 
US government websites for kids
White House/Kids 
Nussbaum USA activities 
Biographies (Nussbaum)
US Presidents (Nussbaum)
US currency (Nussbaum)
Timeline game (US or world) 
State Web Games 
Place the States 

Where is that? (Name the state)
Outline maps
Freedom: A History of Us 
Test Your Knowledge 
Who Said What? 
Scavenger Hunt Through History


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