1. Irregular Noun Plurals – Interactive quizzes.
  2. Irregular Plurals – Choose the correct form of the plural for each noun.
  3. Irregular Plurals – For each noun, type the plural form in the space.
  4. Irregular Plurals – Match the related words, singular to plural.
  5. Irregular Plurals – Match related words, -oes, -os.
  6. Plural and Possessive Nouns – The quiz is at the bottom of this page.
  7. Plural Forms and Irregular Nouns – Select the correct plural form in these sentences.
  8. Plural Nouns – Add “s” or “es.”
  9. Plural Girls – Type the correct plural form of words.
  10. Plural Play – Be the first to fill a row, column or diagonal, like tic-tac-toe. You must get three in a row to win.
  11. Plurals Picture Quiz – In the space underneath each picture, write in the correct plural form of the word given in the singular.
  12. Plural Rules Quiz – Three levels are available.
  13. Plural Rules – The gnomes are waiting to go fishing. Will you catch the right plural spelling?
  14. Plurals: Y Endings – Change the singular nouns into plurals.
  15. Singular and Plural Nouns – Three types of games to choose from.


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