Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect


  1. Adverb Clauses: Cause and Effect Relationships – Complete the statement to create a cause and effect.
  2. Cause and Effect Transitions – Combine two sentences using connecting words to show cause and effect.
  3. Cause and Effect – Matching Quia Quiz
  4. Cause and Effect quizzes – Quiz One | Quiz Two | Quiz Three | Quiz Four | Quiz Five
  5. Finding Errors in Cause/Effect Paragraphs – Click on the error in the use of cause/effect conjunctions. Links to other paragraphs are at the end of this one.
  6. Stated Information – Story about elephants followed by a quiz.
  7. Stated Information – Story about dolphins followed by a quiz.
  8. What Caused It? – Identify cause and effect patterns in text (science content is used to teach this reading skill).


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