Vocabulary and spelling

Latin and Greek roots and prefixes 
Greek and Latin root skills
Latin root words  
Prefix skills
Short circuit (prefixes, suffixes, roots)
Negative prefixes 
Prefixes say plenty 
Prefix match
Prefix jig-words 
Prefix MatchWord
Crystal Castle (in- and im-)
Roots and their families 
Rooting out Words

-less or -ment 
Suffixes – -less, -ness, -ly, -ful 

Synonym Toast 
Synonym matchup
Synonym challenge
Antonym matchup 
Antonym challenge
Antonym Word Play
Antonyms (Pitara)
Antonym columns
Antonyms (opposites), synonyms and more 
Personal dictionary (synonyms, antonyms, context clues)

More homographs 
Words with multiple meanings

Dictionary entries 
Finding new ways to say something (thesaurus use)
What makes a compound word?
Call My Bluff 
Literacy quiz 
Choose the right word 

Vocabulary pinball

Fish ‘em up (word endings – doubling letter, changing y)
Adding -ing 
Spelling word endings
Plural Girls
Type in the plural form 
Singles and plurals
Irregular plurals jig-words 
Irregular plurals jig-words 2 
Irregular plurals MatchWords 
Irregular plurals MatchWords 2 
Everglades spelling 
Gator’s Smash ‘Em 
Word unscramble (two levels)
Spell Check
Sandcastle quiz (vowel phonemes)
Harcout Brace Spelling 
Spelling Match
Word Confusion (homophones)
Super spelling test 
Plurals test 

Contraction practice 1  
Contraction practice 2 
Treasure Trove (contractions)
Fly By Contractions 
Type in the contraction

Prepositions, conjunctions and interjections 
Prepositions, conjunctions and interjections B

Problem verbs 
Rise/raise quiz
About lie and lay 
Lie/lay 2 
Lie or lay 3 
lie/lay and sit/set 
Raise or rise
Raise or rise 2 
Goes, going, went, gone
Word choice 
Word choice b

Adjective balloon ride (Identify adjectives)
Adjective express (demonstrative and proper)
Using Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
Using irregular adjectives 
On the Trail of Adjectives and Adverbs
Adjectives and adverbs trail 
Adventure with adjectives and adverbs
Comparison slide (adverbs)
Blustery day of adjectives (how many or what kind)
Bug’s day out (adjectives that compare)
Fishing for comparisons (adjectives)
Shining the light on adverbs 
Choose the correct adverb 
Adverb ringer (adverb, adjective, noun, or verb?)
Adverb tree (adverb, adjective or verb?)
Using Comparative and Superlative Adverbs 
Adverb/adjective – choose the right word
Adverb/adjective – another choose the right word  
Adverbs and adjectives (information and activity)
Adverbs (information and activity)
Adverbs – Harcourt
Adverbs -MG
Canoe comparisions 
Comparing with adjectives 

Adjectives and adverbs – Harcourt
More about adjectives and adverbs – Harcourt
Adverbs and prepositions
Adjectives and Adverbs (select the best word)
Choose the correct word (adverb or adjective)
Adjective or adverb
Rats! (adverbs)
Adverb Battleship 
Choose the correct word (for, since, ago)
Modifier placement

Pronoun poppers 
Pronoun exploration
Play ball with pronouns (indefinite and reflective)
Pronoun toss (possessive and contractions)
Mixed up pronouns
Reflective and indefinite pronouns 
Subject and object pronouns 
Possessive pronouns
Pronoun sufari (possessive, subjective, or objective?)
Pronoun quiz 
Subject pronouns
Choose the correct pronoun
Object pronouns 
Pronoun crossword puzzle 
Exploring the pronoun reef 
Pronoun treasure hunt (may contain British spellings)
Using Pronouns as Objects of Prepositions 
Pronoun pretest 
Quiz on pronoun usage 
Second quiz on pronoun usage
Recognizing pronouns
Pronoun – antecedent agreement 
Finding a pronoun’s antecedent

Astronomy preposition quiz 
Preposition desert 
Preposition State Fair
Preposition barnyard 
Prepositions – type the correct word (easy) 
Prepositions – type the correct word (medium) 
Prepositions – Harcourt
Prepositional phrases – Houghton Mifflin
Prepositional phrase match 
Choose the preposition practice 
Preposition game
Prepositions quiz 
Identify the preposition 
Identify the prepostion

Puzzling pathways (mixed)

SuperNova Sentence Puzzles -Choose prepositions, pronouns or conjuctions

Sentence structure
About complex sentences 
Sentence power (simple or compound) 
Sentence combining (compound sentence, conjunction,
Sentence Sort (compound, complex, simple)
Super sentence sort (complex, compound, run-on, comma splice)
Complex sentence bandstand (complex, compound, clauses)
Simple or compound? 
Identifying independent clauses
Complex sentences
Complex sentence camp 
Compound-complex sentences 
Sentence Seal Pool (compound, complex, compound-complex)
Simple and compound sentences
Combining sentences
Combining sentences b 
Coordinating conjunctions
Putting sentences together (compound and complex; may include Bristish spellings)
Commas in compound sentences
Using commas with coordinating conjunctions 
Spotlight on Clauses
Varying sentence structure 
Sentence speedway (independent vs. dependent clauses)
Planting sentences (fragment, complete, run-on)
Sentence garden (simple, compound, incomplete)
Same or different? Game 2  3 4
Combining sentences with appositives
Combining sentences using participial phrases

Punctuation and capitalization 
Cool off with commas and colons
Diving into quotations 
More about quotation marks 
Title Hockey 
Titles and quotation marks
Title Ride
Title Ball 
Penguin Park Punctuation (quotation marks)
Capitalization and punctuation
Capitalization quiz B
Capitalization quiz (paragraphs)
Capitalization (ESL site)
Capitalizaton -MG
Practice capitalization
Comma dive (inc. appositives)
Punctuation b 
Punctuation campground
Punctuation Game (Eats, Shoots & Leaves)
Paintball Punctuation 
Edit Dan’s Copy (capitals, quotation marks, etc.)
Grammar and punctuation words crossword puzzle
Crazy commas 
Crazy commas 2
Commas make things clearer

Heart idioms quiz
More from IdiomConnection
Change idioms to plain English 
Paint by idioms
Animal idioms 
Animal idioms – more 
Animal phrases 
Bird idioms 
Fish, insect and reptile idioms 
Body part idioms
Body idioms – more 
Eye, ear and nose idioms 
Head, mind and mouth idioms
Heart idioms 
Color idioms 
Color idioms – more 
Face idioms 
Sports idioms
Education idioms 
Interesting idioms
In step with idioms

Similes, metaphors, personification
Similes with as…
Writing detective – personal narrative
Writing detective – personal narrative II (inc. personification)
Animal Similes 
Simile,. metaphor and personification 
Name that literary element 

Imagery, conflict, tone, play or poem
Play or poem? (select “activity”) 
Imagery quiz 
Conflict quiz

Comprehension Part 1
Reading Comprehension (reading for facts)
Nussbaum Reading Comprehension 
Summarize/paraphrase/Test Tutor 
Main Ideas and Details/Test Tutor 
Drawing Conclusions/Test Tutor
Predicting Outcomes/Book Buddy 
Cow Context Clues 
Comprehension from Innovations 
Same or different? (Comprehension)  Game 2  3 4
TV411 reading comprehension 
Scanning Quiz
Skimming Quiz
Genres of Literature games

Comprehension Part 2 
Series of Unfortunate Events Quizzes
Harry Potter books 1 and 2 quiz 
Harry Potter book 3 quiz 
Harry Potter book 4 quiz 
Harry Potter book 5 quiz 
Destination Impossible (Following directions)
Who killed Angela Spelling?

Writing process 
Narrative writing 
Narrative elements
Expository writing
Persuasive writing 
Persuasive writing tricks
Using verbs in poetry
TV411 Writing 
Writing Detective
BrainPop Writing Process
Supporting details
Comparing and contrasting 
Using reference sources 
Reference resources
Research report
Basic Literary Terms 
Literary Terms
Writing Terms
Locating information/Book Buddy
Writing from Sentence Sense
Literaracy term crossword 
Computer resources
Computer quiz 
Scholastic’s How to Research 
Write your own fairytale (select “activity”)

Correct the mistakes
Common mistakes 
Necessary and unnecessary words 


Fact vs. opinion 
Statement (fact) vs. opinion 
Fact vs.opinion (Skillswise) 
Fact or Opinion? Test Tutor 
Fact or opinion



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