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Remembrance Day:


Learn About Saint David

Saint David (known as Dewi Sant in the Welsh language) is the patron saint of Wales. He was a Celtic monk who lived in the 6th Century and was Archbishop of Wales. His influence is shown by the number of churches dedicated to him in Wales.

Learn to Draw Saint David

Learn to Draw Saint David

Learn to draw Saint David with our fun printable step by step drawing tutorial. Something different for St David’s Day!

Saint David Worksheets

Saint David Worksheets

Find out some facts about Saint David, patron saint of Wales, and use them to fill out this fun worksheets. Available in colour or black and white.

Saint David Writing Pages

Saint David Writing Pages

Use these Saint David writing pages to write about St David’s Day or the patron saint of Wales. Choose from colour or black and white below.

More for St David’s Day

St David's Day Colouring Pages
St David’s Day Colouring Pages

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Dragons, dragons and more dragons! Whether you want a dragon craft to support a fairy tale, a dragon for a knight to fight, a Welsh dragon for St David’s Day or a Chinese dragon for Chinese New Year or other Chinese holidays, you will find something here! Browse our dragon printables, dragon colouring pages and dragon crafts below.

Year of the Dragon


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