Basic Reading & Modern Foreign Language IWB Resources


Basic Reading & Modern Foreign Language IWB Resources

Pic-Lits – Drag words onto photographs to describe the scene or mood. The default language is english, but could be used in other languages in freestyle mode.

Word Magnets – This resource from Triptico could again have uses in many different subjects since it is quite open-ended. Use it to create drag and drop sentences in your chosen language.

MFL Sunderland – Some excellent resources from a group of MFL teachers in Sunderland. Contains resources for all key stages in French, German, Spanish and Italian. Worth a visit.

Teachers TV MFL Resources – I often forget to check Teachers TV for resources, but there are quite a few on there for many different subjects. These videos are designed to be used in class and would be perfect on the IWB. Register for a free account and you can download them to your computer. Remember to play full-screen!

WatchKnow – videos – Simple videos to introduce languages at Primary level. Includes pronunciation guides. Like this one:


Newbury Park – Language of the month Short video clips that would be ideal to introduce different languages in Primary schools from Newbury Park school in Ilford.

Ashcombe School – GCSE French Videos – Some very useful videos here for french teaching from Ashcombe School in Surrey. Also check out their Primary MFL resources. Videos are a little small, but come with a quiz. May be better for self-study rather than IWB use. Right click on the video to play it full-screen.

Anna Graingers – MFL Resources – Visit Anna Graingers site for powerpoints, game templates and worksheets.

CrickWeb Spanish French – Crickweb has a wealth of great resources for all subjects, and that includes languages.  Check out their KS2 Spanish and French resources.

Northumberland Grid MFL – Northumberland Grid for Learning has some very good primary MFL resources that are well worth a look. Including traditional story books in different languages.

BBC Learning Zone clips – The BBC is always a good place to look for video resources for classroom teaching. They have videos on all subjects, including French, German and Spanish at both Primary and Seconday level.

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge… –  Bleu, Blanc, Rouge is a website for teachers wishing to access resources for teaching French in the Primary School. The site contains songs & rhymes, language games, art & seasonal ideas, tongue twisters, recipes & links to French stories on the net.

World of Teaching – Lots of powerpoints to adapt and adopt for language teaching (and other subjects)



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