Whiteboard Resources (Grades 5-6)

Interactive Whiteboard Resources 

Whiteboard Resources 

Engaging students in some classroom topics can be difficult. But with the help of your interactive whiteboard you can get and keep your students interested in what you are trying to teach them. These activities are all especially cool.

Scale of the Universe  – This cool update to an old tool lets you scroll from the size of a person and head out into space – viewing the solar system, galaxy and eventually the entire universe. Or zoom smaller and smaller down to sub atomic particles. This new version is clickable – and tells you a litle more about the different planets and objects you can see as you drag the slider to view bigger or smaller objects.

Stellarium – This free planetarium software is perfect for astronomy lessons. Stellarium displays a realistic 3D sky, complete with planets, major moons, more than 600,000 stars, and constellations from 10 cultures.

Illuminations – Created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Illumination provides more than 100 interactive math games and activities for students in grades pre-K through 12.

FreeRice – FreeRice is an amazing trivia game from the United Nations World Food Program. Rice is donated to hungry people every time visitors answer trivia questions correctly. Trivia categories include art, chemistry, math, English vocabulary and grammar, geography, and language learning.

Signed Stories – Signed Stories features videos of stories being told with sign language and subtitles. Although the site is designed primarily for deaf children it would be useful to any classroom interested in learning more about sign language.

Sheppard Software – Sheppard Software provides a wide range of free educational web games for students. Covered topics include animals, science, chemistry, health, history, math, and vocabulary.

Fit Brains – Designed by a clinical neuropsychologist and brain health expert, Fit Brains is an online gaming platform with puzzles and other “brain games.” Players can track their progress and win trophies and achievements when they do well.

Tutpup – Tutpup is a competitive game site that allows students to play interactive web games with other children around the world. All of the games on Tutpup focus on math or spelling.

Spelling City – Spelling City is a free online learning platform with 10 learning games and more than 40,000 spelling words. The site also offers how-to videos to help teachers integrate Spelling City into the curriculum.

The Eco Zoo – The Eco Zoo is a 3D environment that can be used to teach students about environment, ecology, and eco-friendly living. Content can be viewed in Japanese or English.

NASA Space Place – This award-winning NASA website is a good place to find videos, animations, and games that teach kids about space science and technology. Nearly all of the materials on this site would work well with an interactive whiteboard.



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